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Empowering ministers with the LATTER RAIN mandate with the voice of the last Trump saying; come up Hither unto the REALM where all the FULLNESS of God resides to seize the INHERITANCE into the BODILY dimension, to REDEEM the groaning CREATION and prepare the 'WAY' for the glorious appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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What FAITH is

What FAITH is

The concept of faith and its application is one of the most misunderstood doctrines of Christ in...


The Spark of the LATTER RAIN mandate

The Spark of the LATTER RAIN mandate

Pastor John is an end-time catalyst of a series of sequential events that will fulfill the prerequisites of...


The concept of faith and its application is one of the most misunderstood doctrines of Christ in our modern day. Yet, it is so essential to all of our hopes, so necessary to the fulfilment of every aspiration of our hearts. Virtuously, faith must not be taken for granted.

Without controversy, I submit to you that the current modern conception of faith is not the biblical one.

Faith rests on the truth. There is no faith outside the revealed truth in the bible. Faith in disrespect of biblical corresponding substance is a walk in an endless jungle of delusion. It doesn't matter the intensity, intimidating eloquence, loudness, accurate articulation of speech of any preacher if void of doctrinal soundness is a mere high animal spirit, natural optimism, emotional thrills, and nervous tics.

In our today's pulpit, the faith message is projected and misrepresented with sentimentalism. Infusing courage and motivation to a circumstantially eluded group desperately in need of a miracle or magic or use God to get out of their problems by all means with little or no interest in God or biblical principles. Carrying infectious pressures indirectly replicating the exact same pressures on preachers who possibly may deviate from doctrine to emotionalism.


Many today have exalted faith above God, His values and principles. However, true faith operates within the intergrity of the word. Faith in our modern day is put upfront as a substitute for obedience, an escape from reality, an excuse for mental deadness, an exemption of hard thinking, a hiding place for weak character.

Faith is the careful application of wisdom. Living daily by God's word without compromise. 
Faith is not the word that we hear, it is the word we apply. 
Faith is not the word that we shout about, it is the word we action.

Faith demands dual relevance in both natural and spiritual realms. God through faith created the visible, tangible, approachable and appreciable things. Until your faith impacts the natural realm, you are swimming in the ocean of illusion. The book of Hebrews 11 talks about men who through faith did visible works here on earth.

Faith is not believing in the teaching or preaching of your Pastor, It is what you do with it after you have gone from the service. Faith is not being able to preach or yell at your congregation, it is practicing what you preach.

If you claim to have faith and the fruits of righteousness are not found in your character, you are a wanderer. If you say you have faith as a student and you hardly could read, attend classes, you are a mistake of faith. If you say you have faith and don't forgive your offender, you are deceiving yourself.....

Here are some vital points you need to learn of faith.....
1. It is practical not mystical 
2. It steps down realities from the unseen to the seen realm
3. Hope allows you mingle with, comprehend, visualize the invisible but faith brings it into visibility.....

Be blessed!!!

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About the Speaker

Pastor John Anosike  is one of the finest teachers of our time. Outstanding miracles take place during his teachings.

Men and women find their feet on the Word of God by listening to his profound exposition of the word.

He is passionate about delivering the Gospel.
He desires that all in Christ must be established in the Word and independently access the blessing.
Pastor John believes that the hour has come for the body of Christ to leave the elementary doctrines of Christ unto spiritual maturity. Rooted and grounded in the word and not being tossed about by the destructive and distracting winds of doctrines.

You can not sit under his teaching without being transformed...!

God has commissioned Pastor John to raise a new generation of ministers on a global scale who will by revelation activate the realm of Sonship and the Supernatural, selflessly leading their flock and fold into 'Spiritual Independence' with the 'domino-effect' of corporately moving the Body of Christ into 'The Unity of The Faith', precipitating the final culmination of the ministry of the 'Five-fold'.


Pastor John is an end-time catalyst of a series of sequential events that will fulfill the prerequisites of the 'Appearance of The Groom'.

A) The Presentation of the Gospel of Sonship.
B) The Age of The Sons:
I)The manifestation of the Sons
I I) The Redemption of Creation
C) The Unity of The Faith
D) The Triumph over the last enemy -death(Sons outliving the general age-deadline) aka 'The Presentation of the Bride'
E) The Appearance of Christ/Groom

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